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Susan Robinson
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Worcester - Plantation Street
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Phone: (508) 852-8570, Fax: (508) 853-6969
630 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA, 01605

Dr. Robinson sees current patients or siblings of current patients only.

Dr. Susan Robinson has always loved children so it’s not surprising that she pursued pediatrics. “The decision to become a pediatrician came naturally to me. My mother is a teacher and my father is an orthodontist so I grew up listening to great stories about their fun, fulfilling experiences working with children,” she explains.

In her practice, Dr. Robinson is a strong believer in preventative medicine. “I think it’s important to teach children good health habits from the start such as eating well, exercising regularly, and getting the right amount of sleep. With today’s culture of snacks, fast food and video games, a healthy set of routines can help combat less healthy influences.”

More specifically, one of the problems that Dr. Robinson regularly faces is sleep deprived parents and babies. “There are many strategies you can use to help babies sleep better. A simple change like having a baby fall asleep on its own instead of in the parent’s arms can help develop positive sleep habits. Parents appreciate every extra minute of sleep during the first months of their child’s life.”

A graduate of Dartmouth College and Georgetown Medical School, Dr. Robinson enjoys practicing at Reliant Medical Group. “Reliant Medical Group allows me to concentrate on patient care without the distraction of running a practice. I enjoy Reliant Medical Group’s team atmosphere. It’s fun to work with a collaborative group of doctors, nurses and support staff. It’s also nice to have so many specialists within our group that I can rely on when I need them.”

Since she is a busy mother of two children, Dr. Robinson has chosen to job share with another Reliant Medical Group pediatrician, Dr. Diana McManus. “It’s a great way for both of us to work part-time yet provide comprehensive care. Dr. McManus is a fantastic partner. We are in touch daily, exchanging patient information to ensure seamless patient care.”

During her free time, Dr. Robinson enjoys getting outdoors and spending time with her family. She loves playing tennis, hiking and skiing. “My husband and I are native New Englanders and love the four seasons, we enjoy being active year-round.”

Worcester - Plantation Street
Get Directions
Phone: (508) 852-8570, Fax: (508) 853-6969
630 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA, 01605





American Board of Pediatrics


Georgetown University Medical School, Washington, DC,
Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, RI, Internship
Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, RI, Residency

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