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Walk-In Care

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Nutrition Department Offers Walking Visits

After brainstorming ways to better help patients and make the best use of their time, the Nutrition department came up with the idea of a “walking visit.” This is when a nutritionist and patient spend their appointment time together outdoors enjoying an educational walk around our facilities. The program was first initiated last spring and gained momentum this year as more people became interested in this new type of visit.

Select patients (with the ability to walk safely) are invited to participate in the program. After obtaining an order from their physician, the patient and dietitian agree to walk for part or all of the scheduled appointment time. The patient decides whether they feel up to walking that day and sets the pace during the visit. It’s a great way to get exercise and learn more about proper nutrition at the same time.

While a single walking visit is unlikely to result in weight loss, the visit serves to show patients that walking is an enjoyable activity and a benefit to their overall health and well-being. Many patients feel energized after a walking visit and gain confidence in their ability to move. By engaging in a fun activity along with their nutritionist, patients also tend to feel more comfortable and open up more about the issues affecting them.

From walking visits to group visits with other patients, the Reliant Medical Group Nutrition department offers a range of counseling options to help you enjoy better health. A referral from a primary care physician is needed to make an appointment with a nutritionist. Please call the Nutrition department at (508) 852-6175 if you would like to learn more.

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