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Ali Goli
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4.4 out of 5 stars - 102 total ratings

“I usually try to look at people as a whole – mind, spirit and body.”

Growing up, Dr. Ali Goli spent many hours working in his father’s pharmacy so it wasn’t a surprise when he showed interest in becoming a doctor. “Seeing how my father was able to help people showed me how important medicine was in people’s lives. Together with my family’s encouragement, that helped put me on the road to becoming a doctor.”

An internist, Dr. Goli enjoys treating a wide range of patients each day. “I enjoy seeing members of whole families and being able to understand the complexities of their problems,” he explains. “I think that’s the strength of my practice, to be able to know people closely and help them with their issues – whatever they may be.

Dr. Goli says he tries to always understand the relationship between physical and mental health with a patient. “I usually try to look at people as a whole – mind, spirit and body. If a mental health problem isn’t addressed it can complicate a person’s medical care and other aspects of their lives, including their social interactions. That’s why it is always important that this issue is considered.”

In his work Dr. Goli enjoys using the latest medical technology including electronic medical records. “These are a very good resource for receiving and categorizing information from other providers. Patients can also use technology like MyChart to communicate with the medical staff and perform tasks like requesting prescription refills. These technologies have really made it easier for everyone involved.” In his practice Dr. Goli also likes to be a “hands-on” physician and performs procedures such as joint injections, repair of lacerations, and removal of skin lesions.

In his spare time Dr. Goli enjoys traveling, especially to Europe and Mexico. He also enjoys the martial arts and taking courses in Kung Fu.