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Alice Williams
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“I think my interest in medicine was really an offshoot of wanting to help others.”

Dr. Alice Williams has always enjoyed helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. “In college, I was a sociology major and afterward I worked for a while in the social service field. I think my interest in medicine was really an offshoot of wanting to help others,” she explains.

In her rheumatology practice, Dr. Williams treats a wide range of diseases and conditions from muscular skeletal problems like arthritis and bursitis to autoimmune diseases such as lupus. “There are no known cures yet for many of the diseases we treat, but we do have ways to control the pain and help people be more comfortable and functional in their lives.”

Dr. Williams enjoys working closely with patients and solving their health problems. “In rheumatology you really have to put on your thinking cap to figure out what is causing the problem. There are many different diseases that can cause pain in a patient and as a rheumatologist you need to be aware of all of them.”

During her career as a rheumatologist, Dr. Williams has seen great advances in drug therapies. “The drug treatments in rheumatology have become much more sophisticated and we have a lot more choices in treating inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis – there are simply more options available to us now. More importantly, I think the door is opening up to many more effective treatments in the future.”

In addition to standard treatments, some of Dr. Williams’ patients are also able to take advantage of enrolling in drug studies with new medications. “We are able to enroll some patients in drug studies here at Reliant Medical Group. The drugs utilized have already been through some testing and hold promise for certain illnesses. One of the big benefits to patients is that we can offer these new therapies to people who may not otherwise be able to afford them.”

Dr. Williams enjoys practicing at Reliant Medical Group and has great admiration for those that she works with. “From our nurses to support staff everyone is very positive and friendly and concerned with the well being of each patient. My fellow rheumatology colleagues are also excellent and I can really count on their expertise when needed.”