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Allen Chang
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4.9 out of 5 stars - 91 total ratings

“Shared decision-making is something I really emphasize, along with patient education.”

Although he started his career as an engineer in business consulting, Dr. Allen Chang recognized the importance of being in a profession that was more personally satisfying. “I don’t mind working hard, but realized that I needed to be doing something that was more fulfilling and impactful. That’s why I eventually enrolled in medical school to become a primary care physician.”

One of the reasons he chose to work in primary care was that he wanted to enjoy close relationships with his patients. “What drove me to primary care was the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with other people. I enjoy getting to know patients, and helping them navigate health issues, whether complicated or straight-forward. Long-term relationships are really important to me.”

Dr. Chang says he views himself as a true generalist and enjoys helping patients with everything from joint injections to diabetes management. “When treating patients, I always take the perspective of evaluating them as a whole; a patient needs to be considered in the context of who they are in totality, and not simply as a collection of separate medical conditions. I strive to have a relationship with the patient where they trust me enough to know that I always have their best interests in mind. I view my role as that of an advisor, a counselor, and a partner.”

In his practice at Reliant, Dr. Chang is a big proponent of helping patients learn more about the health problems they have. “There is obviously a lot of information out there, especially on the Internet. I enjoy taking patients through the process of understanding all the different aspects of a medical problem to help them reach a decision. Shared decision-making is something I really emphasize with patients.”

When he is not busy helping patients Dr. Chang tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife and two young children. Originally from Westborough, he enjoys tennis, basketball and traveling internationally when he has the time.