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A graduate of the University of Denver and the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing, Amanda worked as a chemist before becoming a medical provider. She says she enjoyed working as a scientist but longed for more personal interactions with the people she wished to help. “Working as a nurse practitioner in primary care has allowed me to develop connections with my patients and truly be on the front line of healthcare – which is the most rewarding career I could imagine.”

Amanda loves working in adult medicine because she never knows what challenge her day will bring. “I love being a jack of all trades and using my skills to tackle a range of challenges,” she explains. “It’s very gratifying to provide my patients with the comprehensive care that they need.”

Amanda believes in working as a partner with her patients on their health issues. “My purpose as a caregiver is to help guide people through their health-related decisions and achieve the outcome which is best for them. I believe in getting to know my patients, listening to them attentively, and working with them to come up with a plan that everyone is comfortable with.”

When it comes to treatment, Amanda says that she likes to try and use lifestyle choices and natural treatment strategies before turning to medication. She likes to encourage patients to take personal responsibility for their health. “Some of my favorite conversations with patients go back to the basics of their well-being – including diet, exercise, weight loss, and emotional health,” she explains. “The human body is amazing, and is capable of extraordinary healing!”

In her spare time Amanda enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and other outdoor pursuits. She enjoys training for trips to climb tall mountain peaks and explore remote areas around the world.