Anthony Rivera, MD - Physiatry

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“However the patient is treated, the most important thing is understanding their condition and how it affects their life.”

Although he loved studying science when he was growing up in the city of Chicago, Dr. Anthony Rivera knew that the best career for him was one that would let him work closely with people each day. “I always had a strong interest in science, but I knew that working in a lab all day wasn’t for me. That led me in the direction of becoming a doctor, so I could spend more time helping people.”

While studying medicine, Dr. Rivera developed an interest in helping people with musculoskeletal disorders. “I knew early-on that I didn’t want to pursue the surgical route of treating these problems, I wanted to help people non-surgically. This led me to the field of physiatry, which offers non-surgical solutions to help patients dealing with pain.”

In his practice located within the department of Orthopedics, Dr. Rivera will be providing services for patients who do not want to undergo surgery, but still need sophisticated treatment for their problems. “I specialize in helping patients with injections and other non-invasive treatment options. I help a lot of people with neck pain, back pain, and other problems. I work with patients who have had surgery, but still need help dealing with their pain issues.”

In treating his patients, Dr. Rivera likes to utilize treatments that are as minimally invasive as possible. “If I don’t have to perform an injection or special test I won’t. I think it’s important to only do what is necessary.” Dr. Rivera believes that the earlier a patient comes to see him, the better off they usually are. “Ideally, if I can treat someone early on, I have a better chance of helping them. When people have pain problems for five, 10 or 20 years, it’s more difficult to control.”

Some of the advanced techniques that Dr. Rivera utilizes to help people include Botox® injections for pain relief as well as fluoroscopic guidance during injections, which aids in accuracy and effectiveness. Dr. Rivera also performs Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, where platelets from a patient’s own blood are injected into the problem area to stimulate healing and relieve pain. “However the patient is treated, the most important thing is understanding their condition and how it affects their life. Pain is very variable and affects people in different ways. Someone may have what seems like minor pain, but it can prevent them from engaging in lifelong pursuits, and be very detrimental to their life. That’s why I like to get to know my patients well – so I can make sure they are receiving the treatment that’s best for them.”

In his spare time, Dr. Rivera likes to stay physically active and enjoys running marathons as well as performing in triathlons. He also enjoys traveling back to his home city of Chicago to see his family.


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