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Cesar Aguilar Lopez
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“That’s one of the reasons I became a pulmonologist, it really gives you a chance to build long-term relationships with your patients.”

Born in Colombia, Dr. Cesar Aguilar Lopez was inspired to become a doctor by a relative in the profession, who showed him what caring for people was all about. “He was a very prestigious doctor, and was very passionate about helping others,” he explains. “There’s no doubt he was a very big influence on my life, and my decision to become a doctor.”

After medical school, Dr. Aguilar Lopez chose to be a pulmonologist, a doctor who specializes in the pulmonary system. He enjoys using his skills to help patients suffering from lung disease. “I often see patients who need a lot of care, and many of these patients I will treat for the rest of their lives. That’s one of the reasons I became a pulmonologist, it really gives you a chance to build long-term relationships with your patients.”

At Reliant Dr. Aguilar Lopez treats many different lung problems including asthma, COPD, and interstitial lung disease (ILD). He also does different procedures, often using a bronchoscope, a small device that helps him look into the lungs and airways. Pulmonologists like Dr. Aguilar Lopez can even use the bronchoscope to perform biopsies that previously had to be done using open surgery. “We can put a tiny ultrasound device on the tip of the bronchoscope that allows us to go down through the lungs and the airways and then using a small needle we can take a sample of tissue for biopsy without doing major surgery. It’s a big advantage for the patient.”

Dr. Aguilar Lopez has always enjoyed taking advantage of the latest technologies, whether doing procedures or consulting with a patient. “The fact that we have electronic medical records, it’s a big step forward in the medical field. Now we have access to information in different places and we can integrate this information for the care of the patient. Before this was impossible to do – it has really changed the way we practice medicine.”

When he is not busy with his patients, Dr. Aguilar Lopez enjoys playing sports such as golf and tennis. A big music fan, he also loves to play the piano and enjoys listening to rock, classical and Vallenato music. Dr. Aguilar Lopez also enjoys literature, including authors Gabriel Garcia Márquez and Patrick Süskind.