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Christopher Czernicki
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While attending Springfield College studying Health Sciences, Dr. Czernicki was still deciding what his future career would be. It was after a chiropractor visited the school to talk about his profession that he realized what he wanted to do for his career. “I had some experience with chiropractors as a patient and the idea of helping people each day really appealed to me,” he explains. “So I made the decision to study chiropractic medicine in graduate school and make it my life’s work.”

Although they are not medical doctors, chiropractors are highly trained and treat many of the same problems that physicians do, including joint and muscle pain. “We don’t prescribe medicine and we don’t perform surgery, but we can offer highly effective care for a wide range of problems,” he explains. “We start with an objective assessment of the patient’s condition to learn what’s wrong and then apply the treatment that works best to correct it.”

At Reliant, Dr. Czernicki can help patients with joint dysfunction, back pain, muscular trigger points, fibromyalgia, problems with shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, ankles, hands and wrists. “Most people know that chiropractors treat back pain, but there’s obviously a lot more to what we do than that,” he explains. “We also treat headaches, for instance, and sports injuries. We also try to find out the cause of a problem, so we can prevent it from happening in the future.”

In his practice, Dr. Czernicki likes to work closely with his patients to help them reach their goals. “I try to be as flexible as possible and work around their lifestyle. For instance, I can give a patient exercises that they can do at work or at home instead of going to the gym. That can really make a difference for some people. Every patient and condition is unique, and the care I provide reflects that.”

In his spare time Dr. Czernicki enjoys hiking, golfing, training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and watching movies with family and friends.


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