Danielle Barry, PhD - Behavioral Health

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"I know that meaningful change isn’t usually a straight path."

Dr. Danielle Barry has always been a very curious person, especially about human behavior. She says that becoming a psychologist allowed her to channel that curiosity into helping others. “As a psychologist, it’s my job to ask people lots of questions and learn what motivates them – what they care about, and the things that challenge them or cause them pain,” she explains. “Then I can use that information to help people develop effective plans for improving their health and happiness.”

Dr. Barry loves to help people make positive changes in their lives and realize their potential. “Developing new habits can be challenging for people, and it’s easy to get discouraged. As a health psychologist specializing in substance use disorders and weight management, I have the opportunity to help people develop healthy new habits. I know that meaningful change isn’t usually a straight path. It often involves a lot of trial and error and repetition, and it’s important to emphasize that relapses can be learning opportunities.”

In her work with patients each day Dr. Barry has learned that she can often convey more information by saying less. “The goal is to guide patients toward discovering information themselves and setting their own healthy goals, rather than just telling them what they should do.”

In her spare time, Dr. Barry enjoys reading novels and watching old movies. “For me, they are windows into other times, places, and perspectives, and I think they help me be a better psychologist,” she explains. “I also love being outdoors to relax and unwind and have recently learned how to play tennis.”


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