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Donny Chang
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“The key is to be compassionate and empathetic and help each patient as much as possible.”

Raised in Hawaii, Dr. Donny Chang first became interested in medicine when a family member became ill and he saw how much difference a caring and empathetic doctor could make. “When I was young, I got a chance to see how doctors can really help people, and it stayed with me when it came time to choose a career,” he explains.

Dr. Chang enjoys his work as an endocrinologist because it allows him to develop life-long relationships with his patients. “Most of my patients have conditions that will require long-term care and management. So it gives me a chance to really get to know them and I enjoy that aspect of my practice.”

Dr. Chang completed a fellowship in general endocrinology at Boston Medical Center with a subspecialty interest in thyroid and parathyroid disorders. At Boston University he trained with well-known experts in thyroidology and specialized in thyroid ultrasounds and fine-needle aspiration biopsies. In addition, his PhD is in the field of Molecular Medicine, with a focus in cancer biology and the regulation of tumor suppressor genes/proteins, so he is very qualified to help people with any thyroid disorders, including nodules and cancers.

In addition to thyroid and parathyroid disorders, Dr. Chang is also very interested in every aspect of general endocrinology, including diabetes, osteoporosis/bone disorders, as well as pituitary, gonadal and adrenal disorders.

In his work as an endocrinologist Dr. Chang often helps patients dealing with obesity and diabetes. “Good diabetes care is about taking the time to get to know your patients and being able to tailor your care for each individual based on their specific needs. I also strongly believe in taking the time to teach and counsel my patients at every visit so that they can better understand and manage their own disease processes. The key is to be compassionate and empathetic and help each patient as much as possible.”

When he is not busy seeing patients, Dr. Chang enjoys spending time with his family and working on home improvement projects. He also enjoys photography as well as cooking.