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Eddison Ramsaran
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“The technology we have now allows us to make our patients better and get them back to everyday life very quickly.”

As an invasive cardiologist at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Eddison Ramsaran performs cardiac catherizations and stent implantations as well as other procedures that help diagnose and treat a variety of heart problems.

Working with his patients, Dr. Ramsaran always seeks to reassure them as much as possible before operating on them. “People can obviously be apprehensive about undergoing a heart procedure,” he explains. “That’s why communicating with them is key. I try to reassure them by taking them through the entire process so there is no mystery involved and they understand completely what we are doing in our efforts to effectively treat their condition.”

Dr. Ramsaran’s finds cardiology highly stimulating yet also very challenging. “It’s a very dynamic field. You are dealing with very sick patients yet you have a chance to make a dramatic impact on their lives. The technology we have now allows us to make people better and get them back to everyday life very quickly.”

As a practicing interventional cardiologist, Dr. Ramsaran does much of his work in the Catheterization Lab at St. Vincent Hospital. “There are three Cath Labs and one electrophysiology room that we utilize. We start performing procedures on a routine basis at 7:15am and usually complete cases by 5:00 or 6:00pm. Reliant Medical Group has five physicians who work at the Cath Lab, two of whom perform interventional cardiology procedures on patients.”

Like other interventional cardiologists, Dr. Ramsaran is excited about utilizing the new drug eluting stents that help keep clogged arteries open. “This has been the single biggest advancement in recent years. Now we can treat patients more effectively since the medication that coats the stent prevents plaque build-up, preventing the artery from closing up again. The results have been very positive.”

Even with the big advancements in technology, Dr. Ramsaran believes that it is still up to the patient to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent the return of heart disease. “Proper diet and exercise will always be important for heart patients. Otherwise, in most cases, they will have to be treated for the same problems again. That’s why we always provide a lot of education and counseling for our patients here at Reliant Medical Group.”

Dr. Ramsaran enjoys being a part of the Cardiology department at Reliant Medical Group. “We have built a really excellent program here. We have great experience and skills in everything from interventional cardiology to electrophysiology studies. I believe the cardiology care we offer our patients here is second to none.”