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Gregory T. Williams, MD, Chief of Infectious Disease - Infectious Diseases

Gregory T. Williams
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“For me, the interaction between microorganisms or germs and the human body is fascinating.”

Ever since he was a child, Dr. Greg T. Williams knew he wanted to be a doctor. “It was just one of those things, I always knew I wanted to be in medicine. I think it was a combination of enjoying science and wanting to help others that led me to decide to become a doctor,” he explains.

Dr. Williams works in the Division of Infectious Disease at Reliant Medical Group, helping to diagnose and treat a wide range of viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. “Most of the time when a patient is sent to us, we take a comprehensive approach and try not to focus on just one symptom. We are like medical detectives looking for clues to identify the cause and solve the problem. Often, there are other medical issues that could be contributing to the current illness. We look at everything from possible disease and chemical exposures, animals or pets that could cause a problem, hobbies, travel – and anything else that could contribute to the illness. By the time the patient answers all our questions we usually can tell what is going on.”

One of the biggest challenges Dr. Williams and other infectious disease physicians face is keeping up with the latest options in treatment. “What we would have done a year ago, or two years ago, is not usually the same as what we would recommend today. Medical science is constantly advancing and this means that the treatments are constantly changing too.”

According to Dr. Williams, childhood vaccinations have made a big impact on infectious disease. “The haemophilus influenzae – or Hib vaccine – has played a big role in reducing serious infections such as meningitis, so that is certainly one of the major advances. Other key advances we have seen recently are the drug treatments for HIV, which has allowed us to manage this disease much more effectively.”

Dr. Williams has taken a special interest in treating HIV cases. “What really attracted me to treating infectious diseases was the ability to follow patients with an infection like HIV that was recently discovered and has gone through so many changes in treatment options over the last twenty-five years. The progress we have made in treating HIV has been remarkable and I truly enjoy helping these patients and giving them the continuity of care they deserve.”

Dr. Williams also participates in our Travel Clinic, which assists people traveling outside the United States. “Our Travel Clinic helps prevent infections when people are traveling to places in the world where they might be at a higher risk to catch an infectious disease. There are many places in the world where you can still catch everything from malaria to yellow fever, so we make sure people have the right vaccinations and advice before they venture out.”

In meeting Dr. Williams, it is plain to see he is a highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated physician who truly enjoys helping his patients at Reliant Medical Group. “For me, the interaction between microorganisms or germs and the human body is fascinating. It’s a constant battle and we are always learning more about how things work.” Dr. Williams also loves to work closely with other Reliant Medical Group physicians. “I enjoy the interactions and teamwork in helping a patient. Everyone calls us for advice, and we strive to be a resource of knowledge on infectious disease for many other doctors here. A patient presenting with an infection can carry through to all specialties. For instance, we work with infections related to surgery, orthopedics and obstetrics, among others – it’s a truly varied practice and always a challenge.”


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