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Henrietta Akintoye
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Worcester Medical Center - (150 South)
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(508) 368-3110
123 Summer Street, Worcester, MA, 01608
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(508) 829-1852
64 Boyden Road, Holden, MA, 01520

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“Being able to make somebody laugh or smile as they walk out the door is everything to me.”

Dr. Henrietta Akintoye’s interest in medicine was ignited at a young age when she noticed discrepancies in diagnosing skin conditions and disorders in people of different ethnic groups. She thought it would be nice to increase the presence of underrepresented groups in medicine, starting with herself. From that moment, her passion for helping others grew. She wanted to touch people’s lives in a positive way, doing something she loved. Dr. Akintoye was convinced that a medical career would afford her that opportunity. Initially, she thought dermatology was her passion, but that changed completely when she did her clerkship in OB/Gyn.

“It was so fast paced, energizing, and physically involving. I could practice medicine and almost get a physical workout while doing it,” she explains. “Exposure to the OB/Gyn aspect of medicine created variety in my workday. It allowed me to immediately touch my patients and intervene in ways that most other doctors or family members don’t have the privilege of doing.”  Dr. Akintoye loves being able to impact someone’s life positively, whether through interpersonal interactions or through the medical care she gives.  Making every patient happy is her favorite part about practicing medicine. “Being able to make somebody laugh or smile as they walk out the door is everything to me.”

As an OB/Gyn, Dr. Akintoye finds all aspects of her practice interesting and engaging. “Having a broad expertise in the field of OB/Gyn is more important to me than subspecializing,” she explains. “I think a broad expertise will allow me to do more for my patients and give them different types of care.” Some of the procedures that Dr. Akintoye performs in the office are hysteroscopies, IUD insertions and cystoscopies. She also delivers babies and performs all types of gynecologic surgery at the Saint Vincent Hospital.  Dr. Akintoye plans to be trained in minimally invasive robotic surgery in the future.

In her spare time, Dr. Akintoye enjoys biking, dancing and spending time with her family. She also enjoys cooking, especially seafood. As a new member of Reliant, Dr. Akintoye is very excited to meet new incoming patients.

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