Dr. Iryna Rastarhuyeva, MD -Reliant Medical Group, Worcester

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Reliant Medical Group Southboro Medical - Now a part of Reliant Medical Group (800) 283-2556 (508) 481-5500

Iryna Rastarhuyeva
Thank you for viewing my profile. I perform comprehensive diagnostic imaging services for Reliant patients.
Worcester - Neponset Street - (Floor 1)
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(508) 853-2716
5 Neponset Street, Worcester, MA, USA 01606
My office in Worcester has moved.
Southboro (Southboro Medical Group) - (Floor 2)
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(508) 460-3007
24-28 Newton Street, Southborough, MA, 01772

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Radiologists at Reliant Medical Group perform comprehensive diagnostic imaging services for patients to help diagnose problems ranging from broken bones to cancer and other diseases. Each of our board-certified radiologists are highly experienced and work closely with your personal physician to ensure the right diagnosis is made.

Our radiologists use sophisticated tools to help diagnose problems, including digital mammography, ultrasound, X-rays, CT scanning, MRIs and other methods. Some of our radiologists perform interventional procedures such as stereotactic breast biopsies, a less invasive way to obtain breast tissue for examination. Radiology at Reliant Medical Group is accredited in MRI, CT and Mammography from the American College of Radiology (ACR).

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