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“Often, we are teaching patients new techniques to help them manage their conditions…”

After completing his postdoctoral residency in Florida, Dr. Jeremy Mirsky moved to New England. He practiced in Central Connecticut for a number of years, and then joined Reliant Medical Group in 2011. “One of the things that interested me in joining Reliant was that there was a specific Behavioral Medicine department here and a real commitment throughout the organization to using it to help patients,” he explains.

Dr. Mirsky uses a cognitive-behavioral approach in his work with patients. “It’s a research-based form of treatment that focuses on specific goals. A large part of the treatment involves helping people identify and change thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to and maintain anxiety, depression, or stress. In people with various chronic illnesses, it is important to target stress that may exacerbate their condition (such as with chronic pain or irritable bowel syndrome). For instance, with chronic pain, thought patterns can contribute to the distress and pain intensity that the person experiences, and the person can get stuck in a pattern of avoiding activities and feeling incapable of doing anything. We work on those areas to help the patient achieve more control over their pain and their life. Often, we are teaching patients new techniques to help them manage their conditions more effectively.”

According to Dr. Mirsky, some patients are initially apprehensive about being referred to a psychologist, but quickly realize that behavioral medicine can be very helpful to them. “It is different than a lot of other specialties in that the patient has to be an active participant in the process in order for it to be successful.”

In his practice, Dr. Mirsky treats patients with anxiety disorders (such as panic, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and excessive worrying), chronic pain, and obesity, and helps patients who may have difficulty sticking to diabetes regimens. He also helps cardiac patients who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression, and assists with other issues such as quitting smoking and making other healthy lifestyle changes.

When he is not busy with his patients, Dr. Mirsky enjoys reading, running, music, and playing the guitar.