Joanne Samant, MD - Pediatrics

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“I believe every parent only wants what’s best for their child.”

Dr. Joanne Samant has always been interested in health and learning how the human body works. As a child, she would even go to the library and take out books on diseases. “One time the librarian pulled me aside and asked me if I was worried if I had a particular disease,” she explains. “I remember I said I just liked reading about them…I guess I have always found medicine fascinating.”

During her medical training, Dr. Samant decided she wanted to be a pediatrician. “Kids are really a joy to work with – they’re upbeat and like to have fun. It’s also fascinating to watch them develop from newborns to toddlers with their own personalities and then to teens who are developing their sense of independence.”

According to Dr. Samant, the typical lifestyle that Americans lead is having a big impact on their children. “Kids just don’t go out and play like they used to. They also eat a lot more fast food and spend more time inside. That’s one of the reasons there has been such an increase in obesity. I’ve learned that in order for a child to lose weight, the whole family has to be willing to make changes. First, you need to help them see the importance of making changes. Then, show them the small changes they can make which are relatively easy and enjoyable and will help the family to make progress.”

In working with parents, Dr. Samant values their input on decisions. “I don’t like telling parents what to do, I like working together with the family to help them deal with any issues they may have…two people have to be on board with whatever the solution is. I believe every parent only wants what’s best for their child. When you look at things from their perspective it makes it easier to help the family.”

During her free time Dr. Samant enjoys everything from traveling to opening up a favorite book. She also loves to exercise and enjoys running, golf, and playing tennis as well as following her favorite Boston sports teams. She also enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband and three children.


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