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“I think just approaching each patient with compassion and knowing that everybody deserves equal care is really key.”

Dr. Laura Ting says she loves working in primary care. “I really enjoy the long-term relationships you get to build with patients. My job as a primary care provider is to help people live the happiest and healthiest life that they can. One of the things I enjoy most about being a physician in the Family Practice department is that I get to take care of the whole family, whether newborns, children, young adults, or older adults. I think the transitional age from adolescence to young adulthood is a really important time, and I love caring for that group of patients as well.”

Dr. Ting believes that compassion is one of the most important things that she can offer her patients. “I think just approaching each patient with compassion and knowing that everybody deserves equal care is really key,” she explains. “Whether it’s for a physical issue or mental health issue or whether they are coming in for a routine health maintenance visit or a more challenging diagnosis, I strive to provide compassionate care. Helping people get through a difficult time and seeing them work through it and ultimately succeed is very gratifying to me.”

Dr. Ting has noticed that more and more people, both young and old, are suffering the consequences of stress in their life. “Life is complicated. All of us face challenges and live in a very fast-paced society. Things such as social media as well as societal demands put a lot of stress on everyone. It’s become more of a physician’s role to help patients navigate through that.”

As a primary care physician, Dr. Ting says that what she enjoys the most is just working closely with her patients. “When seeing patients, there’s this amazing fresh perspective that they always come in with. I truly enjoy getting to know my patients, and that really helps make work not feel like work for me.”

In her spare time, Dr. Ting enjoys being outdoors in nature and loves animals. She especially enjoys walking, hiking, music, and being around family and friends.