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Leon Josephs, MD - Vascular Surgery

Leon Josephs
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“For me, it’s a real privilege to operate on people.”

From operating on vascular patients at the Worcester Medical Center to performing trauma surgery on American soldiers in Baghdad, Dr. Leon Josephs has used his surgical skills and steady hands to help heal thousands of different patients. “For me, it’s a real privilege to operate on people. They place such enormous trust in you – it’s one of the reasons this profession is so rewarding.”

As a vascular surgeon, Dr. Josephs operates on a patient’s blood vessels, treating everything from varicose veins to dangerous aneurysms. It’s a profession that seems to suit him very well. “I’m a fixer, and if something is broken in the body I want to fix it,” he explains. “I’ve found creativity in working as a vascular surgeon is also very important. For instance, working to find a way to bypass a blockage and get blood where it needs to go requires different techniques depending on the patient and the location of the problem. It’s an interesting process and I really enjoy the challenge of finding the technique that works best for each patient.”

Dr. Josephs enjoys working as part of the Vascular Surgery team at Reliant Medical Group, which includes three full-time, board certified, highly trained vascular surgeons. “We have a very busy practice which I find stimulating. In addition, we have great access to new technologies which allows us to stay on the cutting edge – including laser technology to treat veins and endovascular technologies to treat aneurysms. Most importantly, we are very focused on evidence-based medicine based on medical literature and best practice modalities. This allows great continuity and consistency in our practice, which ultimately benefits the patient.”

As well as being a part of a team of vascular surgeons, Dr. Josephs also has great respect for the nurses and other staff he works with. “In vascular medicine, wound care is very important and we have an excellent team caring for patients in our Wound Clinic. I think the team approach we have here really benefits the patient, and that’s not something you find everywhere.”

In addition to being a surgeon at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Josephs was also a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. He joined the Reserves prior to the events of 9/11 and served in Kuwait and Baghdad as part of a small, mobile surgical team. Dr. Josephs was very moved by his service overseas and commented, “The American soldier is the most grateful patient for whom I have ever cared. It was a great experience and I am glad to serve my country.”

In addition to his clinical activities, Dr. Josephs is very involved in the education of surgical residents, medical students and physician assistant students. He received the annual Brian Bednarz, MD Faculty Award from the University of Massachusetts Medical School Surgical Chief Residents in 2007 and the Surgical Faculty Teaching Award from the Boston University Chief Residents in 1995.

When he is not busy with his vascular surgery practice, Dr. Josephs enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and family. He also enjoys staying in shape and likes to run 20-30 miles per week, golfs frequently and enjoys skiing in the winter. “I do a lot of my running indoors, so I can stay in shape during the cold Worcester winters.”


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