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“I like the idea of helping a child develop, getting to know them when they are young and following them as they grow up.”

Dr. Lloyd Fisher was one of those people who always knew what he wanted to do for a career. “I never really thought about anything else other than becoming a doctor,” he explains. “To tell you the truth, I knew it even when I was five years old. Maybe that’s why I am so happy practicing medicine now.”

For Dr. Fisher, working on a one-to-one level with his patients is very important. “To be a good pediatrician you have to know the science of medicine but there is another component of medicine that is very crucial and that is interacting with people. I really enjoy patient interaction and strive to do it well everyday.”

As a young physician, Dr. Fisher enjoys taking advantage of all the modern tools that make his job easier and more efficient. “I think having an Electronic Health Record (EHR) is very important for both doctors and patients, especially in pediatrics. You spend so much time checking if immunizations are up-to-date and other issues and having an EHR makes that so much easier. I can also gather all of the information I have on a patient and electronically send it to a specialist if I need too. Having an EHR makes me more efficient and allows me to spend more time with my patients.”

Dr. Fisher has always had a strong interest in adolescent medicine. “We all know that there is a lot of potential for problems in that age group. I think if you can intervene with the bad habits and high-risk behaviors that develop then I really think you can make a difference. I want my patients to grow up and be the healthiest people that they can be and sometimes that takes a little guidance.”

According to Dr. Fisher, teenagers should really be seen more than once a year by their physician. “Things can change very quickly for a sixteen year old. I just saw one teenager who is not engaged in any high-risk behaviors now – she doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, isn’t sexually active, but her life could be completely different in six months. Being able to stay in touch with patients like that is why I enjoy primary care so much. It is not a one-time interaction with a patient, it is a relationship over time that grows and develops and that’s very satisfying.”

Practicing at a large group practice like Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Fisher enjoys taking advantage of all the resources that are offered. “At May Street, we have a small, cohesive group of pediatricians, but we also have access to all the specialty resources of Reliant Medical Group as well as complete diagnostic services and even a pharmacy on site. It’s an ideal way to practice.”

When he has some free time away from Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Fisher enjoys spending time with his wife and listening to music and attending the theatre. He also enjoys sailing and watching his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. “Like a lot of my patients I am a huge Red Sox fan and have been for a long time.”