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Manoj Moholkar
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“I am really an advocate for both the patient and the employer.”

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Manoj Moholkar began a fellowship that included some rotations at Reliant Medical Group. “I worked with many people here and I really liked the setting and the staff,” he recalls. “I remember thinking that this is the type of place I would like to work someday – it really made an impression on me.”

After practicing outside of Massachusetts for a number of years, Dr. Moholkar received a call from Dr. Robert Swotinsky, of the Occupational Health department at Reliant Medical Group asking him if he would consider working with him again. “I jumped at the chance, my wife and I really like this area and I knew it was a great opportunity.”

As an occupational health physician at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Moholkar works with different businesses in the area, helping to promote health and productivity in the workplace. “In occupational health, our role is to help keep people functional. My job is to get the patient healthy and back on the job as soon as possible, as well as look out for the best interests of the employer. It’s a very challenging job, but when I am able to send a patient back to work when other caregivers couldn’t, that is very satisfying to me.”

According to Dr. Moholkar, practicing in occupational health is a lot different than working in primary care. “The problems we deal with here are usually very different. In occupational health, we might be working on carbon monoxide issues one day and hearing problems the next. We also see many people, including policemen and firemen, who have been injured on the job. These are people who have physically demanding occupations, and need to meet a certain criteria before they can return to work. One of the biggest challenges for an occupational health physician is knowing when to return an injured worker back to work so they can perform their job safely and effectively.”

As a member of Reliant Medical Group’s award-winning Occupational Health department, Dr. Moholkar also helps companies increase their productivity by keeping their workers as healthy as possible. “We do everything from vaccinations to fitness evaluations. We are also committed to engaging in problem solving when worker-employer issues arise. It’s all a part of our role in keeping the workplace as productive as possible.”

In his role as an occupational health physician, Dr. Moholkar has to understand the viewpoint of both the employer and the employee. “I am really an advocate for both the patient and the employer. It’s always a delicate balance, but you have to keep the interests of both parties in mind. You really have to earn the trust of both parties to be effective.”

With health clinics in Worcester, Auburn and Framingham, the Occupational Health department at Reliant Medical Group is able to assist virtually any company in Central Massachusetts with their occupational health needs. In fact, Reliant Medical Group features the largest occupational health program in all of Massachusetts. Reliant Medical Group also operates a state-of-the-art Back to Work Center located in Worcester which provides physical therapy, work conditioning exercises and biomechanical training to help injured workers return to their job as quickly as possible. According to Dr. Moholkar, “At Reliant Medical Group we have everything needed to keep workers healthy and doing what they do best.”