Matthew Bernier, DC - Chiropractic

Matthew Bernier
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“I like to take a patient-centered approach and give patients the tools they need to manage their condition.”

When he was younger Dr. Bernier contemplated various medical professions but found that chiropractic care suited him the best. “I explored physical therapy and even going to medical school but I found that chiropractic medicine gave me the most appropriate scope of practice for what I wanted to accomplish with patients,” he explains.

Dr. Bernier treats many different types of musculoskeletal problems, including chronic pain conditions. “I enjoy helping people who have long-standing conditions that have gone on for years and haven’t been fully resolved,” he explains. “I like to take a patient-centered approach and give patients the tools they need to manage their condition. I strive to give my patients multiple options to work from, and together we can choose what works best for them. It’s really a team effort.”

In addition to chiropractic manipulation, Dr. Bernier uses various soft tissue therapies as well as neuromobilization which helps nerves to desensitize and calm down. “I use manual therapy as a way to decrease symptoms and also help promote a more active-minded approach for patients,” he explains. “I work to decrease their symptoms using an approach that’s built around active care and education-based, so they have the knowledge they need to make progress on their own. If conservative treatment of the problem doesn’t work, then we can explore surgical intervention with one of our orthopedic surgeons.”

When he is not busy seeing patients, Dr. Bernier enjoys competitive weight-lifting and was skilled enough to qualify for the 2022 National Championships in his weight division. He also participates in CrossFit and is a weight-lifting coach. Dr. Bernier also enjoys singing and has sung the national anthem at both of his college graduations and also at Fenway Park when he was younger.


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