Michael Jacobson, MD - Urology

Michael Jacobson
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“In this field especially, there’s extremely intimate subjects that you deal with…”

Dr. Michael Jacobson made the decision to go to medical school after he had completed his PhD and started a career in chemistry. “Even though I enjoyed chemistry, after a time I realized that I didn’t want to spend all day in a lab working by myself,” he explains. “I really enjoy human interaction and working with other people. That made me realize that medicine was the right field for me.”

As a urologist, Dr. Jacobson always makes a point to develop close relationships with those he treats. “In this field especially, there’s extremely intimate subjects that you deal with,” he explains. “I think that patients really need to trust you so you can help them with their problem. Whether that problem is related to cancer or urinary tract issues or pain or sexual function – all those are really private things. So, I really try to get to know my patients as much as I can, no matter what their problem is.”

In his practice Dr. Jacobson treats a wide range of problems such as prostate cancer, kidney stones, and bladder cancer. Another common urologic problem that Dr. Jacobson treats is enlargement of the prostate and difficulty urinating. “Over the last several years I have focused on minimally invasive procedures to help men who have trouble urinating. The procedure I have used the most is Rezūm, which is highly effective and can be done in an office setting.” For patients who may have prostate cancer, Dr. Jacobsen is an expert in performing targeted biopsies for diagnosis, which uses MRI and ultrasound images to allow better detection of the most dangerous prostate cancers.

Dr. Jacobson believes that urologic issues can often indicate a problem with overall wellness. “Usually with a problem we are treating there is some cause related to diet, or stress, or problems with weight. It’s been interesting to see over the years in people that I treat that it’s not just a kidney stone, or prostate cancer, or BHP or overactive bladder, there’s often some other aspect of health that gets uncovered. If we can pinpoint that problem we can often help someone in a multidimensional way,” he explains. “That’s why I always try to look at things holistically.”

Dr. Jacobson is an avid bicyclist and likes to ride about 150 to 200 miles per week. He also loves his dogs and enjoys hiking with them or going to the beach. Dr. Jacobson also likes to travel and enjoys learning different languages wherever he goes.


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