Michelle Dalal, MD - Pediatrics

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As a mother herself, pediatrician Dr. Michelle Dalal has learned a lot from raising her two children. “You learn a lot as a parent, particularly in the infancy and toddler stage on how to deal with things,” she explains. “I think being a parent makes a big difference in terms of how you treat pediatric patients. I get a lot of questions about immunizations, I get a lot of questions about how to make sure a child’s diet remains healthy. Plus a lot of questions about how to make sure they are successful in school. Being a parent really helps you answer all those questions.”

A nutrition major in college, Dr. Dalal has always had a big interest in helping children suffering from obesity. “I do a lot of counseling with obese patients and sometimes I will engage a nutritionist to help too. One of the big needs for children these days is having the opportunity to exercise both inside and outside of school, so I have helped advocate for that in the community.” Dr. Dalal is also very interested in the oral health needs of children and is the Chair of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Oral Health Committee and the Vice Chair on the Committee on Oral Health for the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Nowadays, pediatricians like Dr. Dalal spend almost as much time on psychological issues as they do on children’s physical problems. “Unfortunately, we see anxiety and depression from pre-school onwards. Some of this can be influenced by the environment, some of it can be genetics. We try to assist children in a way that works with their entire family. From counseling, to medication and working with the school, we try to put the support systems in place that are helpful and allow the children to be successful throughout their entire lives.”

Dr. Dalal is very interested in art, and in her spare time enjoys painting murals for friends and family members. She also enjoys walking, taking hikes outdoors and spending as much time as she can with her family. Dr. Dalal also enjoys community activities and is a board member of the Friends of the Grafton Public Library.


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