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A graduate of Boston University, McGill University and the University of Toronto, Sandra has broad experience including working in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. She became an advanced practitioner in 2017. Sandra enjoys taking a holistic approach and is well-versed in the daily complexities of medical care. “I strive to use my empathy, non-judgmental nature, attention to detail and conscientiousness to help my patients,” she explains.

Sandra’s passion for primary care was kindled by working in the Emergency Department when she was younger. “After a patient was discharged home, I often wondered what their prognosis might be,” she explains. “I wanted to be part of the team working with the patient in the community to help integrate medical advice into their lifestyle. Ultimately, I knew that focusing on health promotion with patients would help prevent the illnesses and suffering I saw in the hospital.” Sandra wants each of her patients to be involved in their care. “I believe in shared decision-making, and try to take into account the values, preferences and beliefs of my patients,” she explains. “I love getting to know patients over time and being their partner in working towards the health goals they’ve chosen for themselves.”

In her free time, Sandra enjoys soaking up local life and culture and enjoys traveling internationally. She also enjoys yoga, cooking food from around the world, hiking and scuba diving.