Sarita Nori, MD - Dermatology

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“Patients always do better when they understand their skin condition.”

Dr. Sarita Nori was drawn to dermatology because of the intersection of science and medicine that is at the heart of dermatology. She feels this is what really allows her to help her patients. “There is a lot of problem-solving in dermatology and I like that,” she explains. “It’s also a profession where you can help people quickly and really make a difference in their lives.”

Some of the typical skin problems that Dr. Nori treats include skin cancers, psoriasis, acne, eczema, rashes, and contact dermatitis. Dr Nori believes in using all possible avenues of treatment, such as biologics, especially in patients with chronic diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. “These medications can work superbly, and they are really life-changing for many patients.”

Dr. Nori feels it’s important for patients to have a good understanding of the disease or condition that is affecting them. “I like to educate my patients on their problem and have them really understand it so they can take the best course of action. Patients always do better when they understand their skin condition, and hence how to treat it.”

Dr. Nori is very interested in tele-dermatology, which allows dermatologists to treat patients remotely. “Tele-dermatology makes it much easier for the patient to get more timely information and treatment for their skin condition or lesion, without having to wait to be seen in the office” she explains. “The excellent cameras on the smartphones we have now makes this all possible. Bringing innovation like this to dermatology allows us to help more people – and to do it more efficiently. I think it’s good for the doctor and good for the patient.”

As a dermatologist, Dr. Nori knows that skin problems can have a big effect on patients and their quality of life. “I don’t like to say there’s nothing I can do for a patient with a problem. I try to at least control symptoms, even though many skin diseases have no permanent cure.”

During her free time, Dr. Nori tries to be a loving wife to her husband of twenty-five years, and a patient mother to her two teenage daughters and the family dog.  She enjoys dancing, Zumba, mystery novels, and travel.


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