Seamus Mark, MD - Family Practice

Overall Patient Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars - 205 total ratings

“I really love primary care. It’s a calling…”

Originally from Rhode Island, Dr. Seamus Mark has always been interested in science. He was first inspired to become a doctor by his older sister, who is also a physician. “I grew up watching her go to med school, do her internship, and become a primary care doctor. And I couldn’t help but notice the great relationships she had with her patients. That really helped spark my interest in medicine and becoming a doctor.”

Like many Reliant Medical Group physicians, Dr. Mark is very passionate about his role as a primary care physician. “I really love primary care. It’s a calling – I can’t see myself doing anything else.” One of the reasons Dr. Mark enjoys primary care so much is the variety it offers. “You can be treating an 80-year-old with abdominal pain one minute and a 20-year-old with a sore throat the next; so it keeps things interesting. I also enjoy how primary care medicine encompasses so many different aspects of a patient’s health. It gives you a great perspective on how so much of medicine is interrelated.”

In his practice at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Mark emphasizes preventative primary care. “I think prevention is key, we need to do as much as we can to prevent disease. Some people are better than others in taking that first step to take control of their health; it’s my job to help them. When someone is ready to make a change, I want to let them know that I am here to support them.”

During his free time, Dr. Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog, who is a rescue from Puerto Rico. Dr. Mark also likes to stay active and enjoys volleyball, basketball, and tennis, as well as enjoying the outdoors with his wife and dog when he can find the time.


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