Thad Schilling, MD - Internal Medicine

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“I decided to enter primary care because I really like to build relationships with patients…”

For Dr. Thad Schilling, entering medicine wasn’t so much a career decision but a calling. “I always had an interest in the sciences and wanted to help people,” he explains. “I was drawn to the profession because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Entering medical school, Dr. Schilling had a strong interest in becoming a primary care doctor. “I entered primary care because I really like to build relationships with patients – I didn’t want to see them once or twice for just one problem. Working in primary care really puts you at the heart of things which makes it very rewarding.”

One of the changes Dr. Schilling has embraced during his career is the move toward more team-based care for patients. “Both doctors and patients are adapting to a new system where care is more collaborative. Patients are getting to know other caregivers besides the doctor and learning how much these professionals have to offer. Advanced practitioners, nurses, clinical pharmacists, behavioral therapists, and other caregivers all play a major role in caring for patients. I think it’s a great model because patients have access to providers with expertise in different areas. There are more people “in your corner” who know you, care about you and help you. It’s great fun for me to be on a team too because I’m constantly learning and growing.”

In his clinical practice, Dr. Schilling recognizes the importance of understanding the context for a patient’s health concern. “One of the things I love about primary care is that you are taking care of a person, not just focusing on one organ or one system. I always keep in mind the patient’s emotional well-being, family supports, and work-life. Helping people to understand their concerns in the context of their lives is very important.”

Dr. Schilling enjoys teaching patients about their health problems. “When I am with a patient I will often scribble on a white board, grab a model, or open up Google images on the computer to show and explain what I think is happening. I find it can really benefit patients when they see the problem instead of just talking about it.”

When he is not busy with his patients, Dr. Schilling enjoys family activities with his wife and two children. A big sports fan, he also plays in a men’s soccer league. He and his family also enjoy swimming and hiking and some of their favorite places to visit are Walden Pond and Northern Wisconsin.


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