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William Horgan
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4.8 out of 5 stars - 38 total ratings

“I enjoy interacting with families and children, helping parents raise healthier kids. It leads to a better quality of life for the whole family.”

Even as a young man, Dr. William Horgan had his sights set on becoming a doctor. “I always had an interest in science and biology and I knew I wanted to help people, especially children. So I guess it’s no surprise I became a pediatrician,” he explains.

Dr. Horgan makes it his mission to ensure that the children he sees are treated well. Dr. Horgan has been practicing pediatric medicine at Reliant Medical Group in Milford for the past 14 1/2 years. As part of his success he has had the pleasure of caring for his “kids” from birth to young adults, overseeing their development in collaboration with primary care and specialty experts. “When you have a child that is sick and the symptoms do not readily fit a common diagnosis, you put your heads together and find out what is going on. This type of collaboration is one of the great things about working here.”

Although he grew up in New England, Dr. Horgan spent several years living in Oklahoma when he worked for the Indian Health Service. “I’m very involved with Native American culture. I have worked with the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes, and I was adopted into the Ottawa Tribe. It is a special thing having this relationship, which makes you a part of a new family.”

Even though he is a native New Englander from Tewksbury, and went to college at Holy Cross in Worcester, Dr. Horgan’s favorite place in the world is Santa Fe, New Mexico. “I really love it, and I enjoy the Native American culture there. We even have friends living in the Pueblos near there. It’s a wonderful place to visit.”