Yue Shen, MD - Internal Medicine

Overall Patient Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars - 109 total ratings

“Here they emphasize the quality of care rather than the quantity of care.”

After she came to America from China, Dr. Yue Shen first did clinical research work at the University of California but found she missed the contact she had with patients. “I really do enjoy the time I spend with patients,” she explains. “That’s really what makes medicine special for me.”

Now working as an internist at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Shen enjoys the opportunity to help patients deal with their medical issues each day. “As an internist you see how so many medical issues in patients are interrelated. That’s why for me practicing medicine is not just a science but also an art…I think providing good care is really a balance of both.”

In her Internal Medicine practice Dr. Shen takes pride in using the latest technology to help patients. “For me, utilizing technology is very helpful to the patient. For instance, our electronic medical records help prevent errors and allow doctors to share information more easily.”

During her medical education in China Dr. Shen spent time studying dermatology and has a special interest in treating skin problems. She also enjoys doing different procedures in the office, from skin biopsies to PAP smears. “I like to use everything I’ve learned during my career in my practice, that’s what keeps it interesting.”

Dr. Shen enjoys the benefits of practicing at Reliant Medical Group, where care is held to a very high standard. “Here they emphasize the quality of care rather than the quantity of care. This makes it much easier to practice the type of care I believe in.”

When she is not busy treating patients at Reliant, Dr. Shen enjoys spending time with her family, especially sports activities with her son. She also does volunteer work with children at her local church.


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