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We've Moved!


Effective Monday, November 12th, our Adult Medicine and Podiatry providers and staff moved to our Auburn office, and some moved to our Holden office. See details below:

Provider Location Beginning on November 12
Dr. Elizabeth Fuller 64 Boyden Road, Holden, MA
Dr. Henry Henczel 64 Boyden Road, Holden, MA
Dr. Eric Lupoli 35 Millbury Street, Auburn, MA
Kerry-Ann Williams, NP 35 Millbury Street, Auburn, MA
Helen Collette, NP 35 Millbury Street, Auburn, MA


The Spencer lab also closed, effective November 9th.  Patients can utilize any other Reliant lab; view all labs and their hours of operation here.

Why did Spencer Move?

Our lease is ending in 2019, and we did not have the option of staying in the current location. Despite a long and comprehensive real estate search, we couldn’t find a suitable office in Spencer or the surrounding towns that meet the necessary criteria, around cost, zoning, adequate square footage (not too little, not too much), parking, etc.. Therefore we have decided to move Spencer pediatrics to our existing Holden office at 64 Boyden Road. We custom built a space in this office to create a modern healthcare setting for our patients, providers and staff. Our adult medicine providers moved to our existing Holden office as well as our new Auburn office. We look forward to serving our Spencer patients at these newly updated sites.

We understand that this move may be inconvenient for some of our patients. We are happy to work with you about potentially transferring to a provider that is located in a Reliant office that may be more convenient. Please contact your current office for more information.