The Reliant Medical Group Bariatric Surgery Program will help you meet your health and weight goals whether or not you elect to have surgery. Providers will assist you in setting small lifestyle goals that bring you closer to your long-term weight loss goal. Food plays an important role in our everyday life. Dietitians teach you mindful eating skills and recommend dietary changes to promote weight management.

Behavioral Health offers separate classes and support groups for patients interested in a non-surgical approach to weight loss. These groups provide information on lifestyle strategies that will lead to weight loss and long-term maintenance of a healthier weight. Groups allow you to get support and ideas from other patients who share the same goals and often include patients who have already been successful losing weight. Keep in mind that non-surgical patients benefit from our programs just as much as surgical patients do.

Nutrition also offers a distinct Introductory class geared towards non-surgical weight loss. This group offers an in depth look at the flow of the program and will get you started with the nutrition portion of your wellness journey. After the group, you can schedule an individual appointment with one of our bariatric dietitians, virtually or in the office, and can continue to follow up until your goals are met. These individual appointments provide recommendations specific to your lifestyle, medical history and personal goals. Our program is designed to be most effective when you are meeting with your dietitian and Behavioral Health regularly.

Contact the Reliant Medical Group nutrition department to explore the non-surgical weight-loss option.

Reliant Medical Group Nutrition Department
M – F: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm