Miriam Sithole, NP - Preoperative Admission Testing

Miriam Sithole
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Working as a staff nurse in hospitals, Miriam was always intrigued by the autonomy of the nurse practitioners she interacted with when taking care of patients. “I saw they had the ability to play a more significant role in the care of their patients, and that helped influence my decision to become an advanced practitioner,” she explains.

Miriam likes to place a big emphasis on listening to the concerns of her patients. “My philosophy is, ‘talk less and listen more.’ This has served me well, as sometimes even if a patient is coming in with a medical complaint, if they see you giving them a platform to be heard they treasure that more than the medications you prescribe,” she explains.  “This makes them feel valued and they are more likely to comply with treatments.”

Miriam enjoys the autonomy that allows her the flexibility and space to develop a trusting relationship with her patients. “Patients come here when they are most vulnerable,” she explains. “Witnessing the joy and smiles from patients that come into the hospital needing significant care and by time of discharge they are getting back to normal, that is very fulfilling. I feel honored to be a part of a profession that has stood the test of time and continues to work toward providing better health to all people.”

In her spare time Miriam enjoys outdoor activities as well as sewing and watching cooking shows.


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