Our Patient Experience Matters

To ensure that we are holding ourselves to the highest standards, we partner with Press Ganey, a leading provider of patient experience measurement, performance analytics, and strategic advisory solutions for health care organizations.

There is no greater testament to the quality of our care and service than our patients’ recommendations! And our patients consistently give our physicians and medical practices high marks!

Below is some information about our patient surveying program:

Who receives the survey?

Patients are randomly invited to complete surveys.  Surveys are sent through the mail or emailed within 1 week of appointments.

What do we do with survey responses?

As the patient survey data is collected, our team of analysts runs the results in various ways to capture and identify where we do things well and where improvements can be made. We take all feedback seriously and use this as “the voice of the patient” when making many decisions that impact our organization in so many ways.

Survey ratings and patient comments are also shared on this website to give patients access to information to help make more informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider.

How is the physician’s patient experience star rating generated?

Star ratings are based on patient responses to 5 questions about care received from their provider.  Responses are measured on a scale of 1-5, and the average score is displayed in an easy-to-view, 5-star format.

Are all comments posted?

Both positive and negative comments from the care provider section of the survey are posted, with these exceptions:

  • Names or detailed descriptions that jeopardize patient confidentiality or privacy
  • Obscene or derogatory, or slanderous language
  • Comments that are clearly not about the provider being surveyed. For example, comments about other care providers.

Why don’t we see patient ratings and comments for every care provider?

A provider may not have star ratings accompanying his/her website profile for one or more of the following reasons:

  • An insufficient number of surveys – The provider has not yet reached the required minimum number of returned patient satisfaction surveys. We require a minimum of 30 surveys on an individual provider before displaying scores to ensure we have an adequate and representative sampling of patient feedback.
  • The provider does not participate in the specific patient satisfaction survey that we translate into star ratings.
  • The provider does not yet participate in the star rating program.

If you receive a survey in the mail or email, please take the opportunity to complete it.

If you are looking for other ways to share your feedback, you may also email our Patient Experience department at patient.experience@reliantmedicalgroup.org.