Rachel B. Engelberg, MD - Urology

Rachel B. Engelberg
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“I enjoy working closely with patients and their partners to develop the best plan of care for their lifestyle.”

Dr. Rachel B. Engelberg first became interested in Urology as a medical student because she loved performing surgeries that helped improve her patient’s quality of life. “I found that Urology afforded me the opportunity to make the biggest impact on not only one person’s life but also their partner – and that’s what really turned me on to the field of Urology and urological surgeries,” she explains.

The only fellowship-trained prosthetic urologist in Central Massachusetts, Dr. Engelberg provides specialized care in men’s health, including offering the latest surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction, male urinary incontinence, Peyronie’s disease and other male health problems. Dr. Engelberg is dedicated to working closely with her patients and offering multiple options for the problems that affect them. “I enjoy working closely with patients and their partners to develop the best plan of care for their lifestyle. I believe you have to be invested in your own care to be satisfied with the result.”

Dr. Engelberg truly enjoys practicing prosthetic urology. “I find that there’s no happier patient than someone who comes in with a problem that’s been stigmatized like male urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction or low testosterone and then being able to help impact that patient, their partner, and their whole family’s life,” she explains. “I find that what I do – prosthetic urology, fixing erectile dysfunction, fixing male leakage, really helps men and their partners get their lives back. And I find no greater satisfaction than helping a patient through that process.”

One common problem that Dr. Engelberg treats is incontinence and sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer surgery. “I remember a patient I had who had his prostate removed for this issue and following surgery he was leaking urine constantly. He told me that it really affected his life and he couldn’t enjoy the things he normally did like going to church and gardening outside his home,” she explains. “I suggested putting in an artificial urinary sphincter into his urinary tract and when he came back from his post-operative visit he was completely dry. Most importantly, he was overjoyed that he could go back to doing those hobbies and activities he loved so much.”

When she is not busy helping patients, Dr. Engelberg enjoys dancing and spending time with her husband, her dog, and her two step-children.


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