Michele Sinopoli, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Michele Sinopoli
Open to new gynecological patients only. Open to new gynecological patients only.

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“I think it’s important to understand not just the person’s medical problem but also their life in general.”

When she first went to college, Dr. Michele Sinopoli studied bio-medical engineering. However, after a while she realized that being in a lab all day wasn’t what really interested her. “I had a summer job as a bio-medical engineer at a local hospital,” she explains. “One day an obstetrician asked me if I wanted to see a delivery. Once I witnessed the miracle of birth and saw the joy the parents experienced, I knew that was the field I wanted to go into.”

In her work as an OB/Gyn, Dr. Sinopoli enjoys forming close relationships with her patients. “I just try to connect with the person and make sure I understand why they are seeing me and how I can help them. I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. I think it’s important to understand not just the person’s medical problem but also their life in general.”

In addition to performing obstetrical care and delivering babies, Dr. Sinopoli takes care of the full breadth of women’s gynecological issues from the teen years through menopause including the management and treatment of abnormal pap smears, abnormal uterine bleeding, incontinence, uterine prolapse and many other problems. “A lot of the procedures that were formerly done in an operating room can now be done in the office setting. For instance, we can help women avoid a hysterectomy if they are experiencing heavy bleeding by having a less invasive procedure done here at Reliant. A lot of these procedures can really make a difference in someone’s quality of life and are much easier on the patient than conventional surgery.”

One of the things that Dr. Sinopoli really values about Reliant Medical Group is how patient care is integrated and streamlined. “If I feel a patient’s condition requires subspecialty care, it’s very easy to quickly get them the care they need right here at Reliant. We try to make things as convenient as possible for our patients.”

When she is not busy helping her patients, Dr. Sinopoli enjoys being with her husband and two sons. They especially enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening and going on hikes.


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