Reliant Medical Group has developed a special program for congestive heart failure patients. The Heart Failure Program is designed to help you deal with the many challenges of living with congestive heart failure. Our goal is to help keep you out of the hospital and feeling as healthy and active as possible.

The Heart Failure Program offers one-to-one guidance that will help you optimize your medications and facilitate treatment. You will also be given extensive education to help you understand more about congestive heart failure. Those enrolled in the program are also given access to care resources including visiting nurses and other services that can help address your individual needs.

Patients in the program participate by visiting a Reliant Medical Group Nurse Practitioner approximately every three months (this is in addition to any visits with your cardiologist or primary care doctor). If you are admitted to the hospital for treatment, it is our goal to have a follow-up appointment with you within one week. Telephone follow-ups will also be done on a regular basis for most patients.

Entrance into the Heart Failure Program at Reliant Medical Group is by referral, so please contact your cardiologist or primary care provider to enroll. You will then be scheduled with a Nurse Practitioner for an initial consultation before official enrollment into the Heart Failure Program.

The Heart Failure Program at Reliant Medical Group is here to guide and assist those with congestive heart failure. If you have any questions about the program, please call Laura Small, NP at (508) 368-3130. Click here to learn more about Laura Small, NP.