Sabitha Gopalswamy, MD - Internal Medicine

Overall Patient Rating

4.6 out of 5 stars - 163 total ratings

“For me, it’s a very rewarding experience to provide the best possible diagnosis and care.”

Dr. Sabitha Gopalswamy’s inspiration to become a doctor inadvertently came from her father, after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. “When I was younger my father had a accident and he spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering. I think seeing all the doctors working on him helped inspire me to become a doctor. In fact, years later when it came time to do my residency, the same surgeon who took care of my father was also my chief resident, and I completed all my rotations working under him. So there is definitely a connection there.”

Dr. Gopalswamy enjoys the day-to-day challenge of working in internal medicine at Reliant Medical Group. “I really do enjoy being an internist. I think it’s a real challenge to take a complaint from a patient and then investigate and uncover the problem. Often we are analyzing a series of symptoms and you really have to use your analytical abilities to arrive at the right diagnosis. For me, it’s very rewarding to provide the best possible diagnosis and care.”

For Dr. Gopalswamy, working with her colleagues is one of the highlights of being a physician at Reliant Medical Group. “The staff we have here has a lot of experience and it really shows. We are extremely organized here and do everything we can to accommodate our patients. It’s just a great group of people to come to work with each day.”

According to Dr. Gopalawamy, the most important aspect of being a physician is the doctor-patient relationship. “I really work hard to make my patients feel comfortable. I try to think of how I would like to be treated or how my family members would like to be treated. I think all of us here at Reliant Medical Group really work hard at listening and understanding the concerns of our patients. It’s what makes us special.”

When she is not busy with her patients, Dr. Gopalswamy enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband and young daughter. She also enjoys reading and traveling, especially to Europe and California. “I’ve always enjoyed traveling but it’s a little harder to get away when you have a family. I think we’ll try doing more of that when my daughter is a little older.”


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