Emergency care without a trip to the emergency room (ER)

Even when patients are experiencing very concerning medical issues, the ER may not be the best option. ERs can have long waits that delay important care, and ER visits can be very expensive for some patients. With our PAC Paramedic Service your Reliant provider can arrange for a specialized paramedic to go to your home within one hour.

These professionals are skilled in helping patients with serious symptoms, and they can perform many of the activities that happen in the ER, including: start IV fluids, check and insert catheters, dispense emergent medications, perform tests such EKGs and preliminary imaging, and more.

Emergency Care FAQ

Does an ambulance come to my house?

No, the paramedics arrive in a smaller van that is equipped with advanced assessment and treatment tools.

Will my provider tell the paramedic what to do?

The paramedics are highly trained and follow guidelines from a physician within their organization. Your Reliant provider may or may not participate in a video visit with the paramedic, but there is communication and collaboration with the paramedic and your Reliant care team to ensure a safe transition and treatment plan.

What is in-home diagnostics?

This is a service Reliant can coordinate to have certain imaging studies done in the comfort of your home to assist in diagnosing an illness or condition. This can help the clinician determine the proper treatment plan.

Do I need to leave my house to have an x-ray done?

No, you can remain in your home and a mobile diagnostic van will come to your residence and be able to take x-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, and/or doppler studies as ordered by your provider. If there are too many steps or levels to get into your home, they may not be able to perform these studies.