Feeling Sick?
Use Symptom Checker to learn about illnesses & care options.

Our Symptom Checker is available in MyChart! This convenient interactive web tool allows you to input your symptoms* at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Symptom Checker helps educate you about your symptoms and possible care options. It even automatically sends the information that you entered to your Reliant provider’s office and notes these symptoms in your medical record. Based on the medical information you input, Symptom Checker will help you choose the most appropriate care – whether it’s self-care, a video appointment with Virtual ReadyMED, visiting a ReadyMEDSM location, making a doctor’s appointment, or going to the ER.

Use Symptom Checker First

You may not need to call the office when you feel ill. Use Symptom Checker for information about your symptoms and learn immediately what your best care options are.

Symptom Checker is available through MyChart for Reliant patients age 12 or older who have a Reliant primary care provider. Login to MyChart and click “Check my symptoms”. Not a MyChart user? Sign up here or next time you’re in the office.

*If you are experiencing life-threatening symptoms like chest pain, difficulty breathing or excessive bleeding, call 9-1-1 immediately.