Reliant Medical Group’s Patient Advisory Council (PAC) consists of a dedicated group of patients who provide consultation and feedback to Reliant’s leadership around the design and development of services, programs, practices, and policies that impact the patient experience.  We view the PAC as an essential advisory resource that ensures the voice of the consumer is considered in the design and delivery of Reliant’s health care services.

Why does Reliant Medical Group have a Patient Advisory Council?

The way our patients experience our health care system is of paramount importance at Reliant Medical Group. We recognize that our patients are the best resource we have to understand where and how we can make improvements in the design and delivery of our healthcare services.

What are the responsibilities of the PAC members?

PAC members act as advisors.  We ask them to provide feedback and input on a variety of topics that impact the delivery of care and the overall patient experience with our system.

Where does the PAC meet?

The PAC will continue to offer virtual opportunities to attend meetings; but, whenever possible, it is preferred that members try to attend in-person. The meetings will be held at one of our locations in Worcester.

Who should apply for the PAC?

The Council typically consists of about 20 patient members and several staff members.  Any patient 18+ can apply for membership to the PAC.  It’s very important for the group to represent the diverse patient population we serve, so we welcome applicants from different age groups, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. We need a diverse PAC in order build inclusive services that respond to differing needs.  We also welcome parents of children who receive their care at Reliant so that we can ensure the pediatric perspective is representative.

What is the time commitment for the PAC?

We ask members to attend most of the six meetings each year.  Meetings occur after business hours.  Members are asked to commit to serving on the Council for a minimum of one year and up to three years commitment to serve for a minimum of one years.

How can I become a member of the PAC?

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Patient Advisory Council, please take a moment to complete this application. We will contact you for an interview when space becomes available.

What Happens After I apply to the PAC?

After we receive your application and confirm there is room on the Council, we will reach out to conduct a brief telephone interview.  This is to determine if the Council is a good fit for the applicant and confirm if the applicant can accommodate the time commitments, etc.