Care Management works with Reliant Medical Group’s providers to help patients and their families who have challenging medical and/or behavioral needs.

Our Case Managers are licensed nurses and social workers. They work at our primary care offices. They provide important services like skilled assessments and helping patients find cost-effective solutions. Their wide range of resources makes them a valuable team member.

We know life can sometimes be hard

Our case managers know how to help patients and their families in their time of need. From finding low-cost medications, to dealing with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, our goal is to teach patients and their families to be successful on their own. Our case managers help patients make smart choices about their healthcare.

Giving you the support you need

Case managers help make sure that patients get the services they need and are as healthy as possible. Our case managers do medical and psychosocial assessments. They also refer patients to a wide network of community resources. Our case managers provide a caring, complete approach to solving life’s problems.

Services We Provide

  • Evaluation of needs
    • Complete mental and social needs
    • Planning with all providers
    • Quick contact with useful resources (Community, VNA, transportation, etc.)
  • Supportive, short-term counseling
  • Variety of options for care (For example: home infusion vs. short-term rehab placement)
  • Understanding illness, coping, resources, and services
  • Community resource information
    • Contact with useful resources (VNA, financial assistance, medication, etc.)
  • Patient advocacy and support
    • Help with understanding the healthcare system
  • Short and long-term care planning
  • Improvement in patient/physician communication and satisfaction

Please note: To get Care Management services, patients must have a Reliant Medical Group primary care provider or see a Reliant specialist.