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Reliant Medical Group Southboro Medical - Now a part of Reliant Medical Group Phone number for Reliant Medical Group: (800) 283-2556 Phone number for Southboro Medical Group: (508) 481-5500

Expert diagnosis and treatment to help you deal with allergy problems.

(508) 368-3919

At Reliant Medical Group, we are dedicated to practicing the full scope of allergy treatment including treatment for asthma, hay fever, food allergies, hive reactions, bee sting allergies, eczema and other problems. Our physicians believe in tailoring treatment to the specific allergens that a patient’s body is reacting to. For this reason we offer a number of tests, including both scratch and intradermal skin testing, to detect subtle allergies or multiple allergens that could be causing problems.

Treatments offered will be based on your allergy tests, medical history, and allergy symptoms. Before deciding on a course of action, your physician will discuss different treatment strategies with you including avoidance of allergens, medication options and immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Reliant Medical Group partners with Saint Vincent Hospital to offer patients the Asthma Care Center. The Asthma Care Center features a special treatment room staffed by physicians and nurses that provides the same kind of care offered in a hospital emergency room. The Center also offers an Asthma Clinic for patients recently diagnosed with asthma. Attending the Asthma Clinic is an ideal way to learn more about asthma and the best ways to prevent and treat asthma attacks. Patients also have the opportunity to interact with a number of specialists including an allergist, pulmonologist, and nurses who specialize in treating asthma.

Whether you need care for a seasonal allergy or a more serious condition such as asthma, at Reliant Medical Group you will find highly trained clinicians and a caring, supportive environment dedicated to helping you.