At Reliant, we offer the convenience of seeing your provider online via video through MyChart.

“Virtual Care” is when you can have a medical visit with a provider via video from a cell phone, computer or tablet. While virtual care will never replace some aspects of a traditional face-to-face visit, it offers a number of key benefits for patients:

Convenience: Virtual care can take place from your home or any private location where you can use your internet-enabled device.
Security: Our video visits are secure and follow HIPAA guidelines.
Safety: Virtual care allows you to safely visit with your healthcare provider without worrying about traveling or being in a waiting room with those who are potentially sick.
Flexibility: If your medical provider feels you need in-person care, a visit can be easily scheduled.

We offer several types of virtual care:

Video Visits with your PCP or Specialist

Virtual care through video visits is a convenient, safe, and secure way for you to talk with your Reliant provider and care team without having to come into the office. These visits are suggested only when your provider feels your symptoms or condition can be safely addressed in a video platform.

Virtual Primary Care

With our Virtual Primary Care (VPC) program, a patient has a virtual PCP, who sees eligible patients most or all of the time by video, accessed through MyChart and connected securely using a cell phone, computer, or tablet. Patients in the VPC only come to a Reliant office when their PCP feels that an in-person visit is necessary, if a lab or diagnostic test is needed (i.e., x-ray), or if they need care from a specialist.

Virtual ReadyMED

Our Virtual ReadyMED team is an extension of your primary care team, working alongside your PCP to give you access to video-based medical care at times that may be more convenient for you. They care for Reliant primary care patients age 4+ and treat a variety of conditions including cold and flu symptoms, sore throat, back pain, UTIs and more. Appointments are self-booked by patients in MyChart and are available from 7:00am – 11:00pm seven days a week!