Hospitalists are a team of acute care doctors who work only in hospitals. They work to streamline the delivery of your care. Our hospitalists have training in internal medicine, critical care, heart problems, and other complex specialties. This allows them to bring added insights to your health care. Their mission is:

  • To see you more often during your stay
  • Spot and care for changing medical conditions faster
  • Coordinate your medical tests, consultations, and treatments
  • Team up with your regular physician
  • Discuss your condition

Round the Clock Care, Better Continuity

We understand the importance of your relationship with your primary physician. The hospitalist is a partner for your regular doctor – not a substitute. When you’re admitted, we work closely with your regular primary care doctor. Your doctor is kept up to date on your status and regularly consulted about your condition, diagnosis, and treatment. After you leave the hospital, your physician gets a full final update of your status. This lets your doctor continue your care appropriately.

A hospitalist gives you the benefit of the specific skills of a doctor familiar with the hospital’s resources, as well as your long-standing relationship with your primary care provider. The result is fast, efficient treatment, better care, and faster discharges.