Welcome to the Reliant Medical Group Research Department.  Research plays a crucial role in the improvement of current medical care as well as in the development of medical advancements. We all potentially benefit when knowledge is gained through research and used to develop new or improved medications, medical devices (such as hip and knee replacements) and treatments (such as behavioral health therapies).

Reliant believes research is a necessary, vital, and progressive tool in advancing the pursuit of the best possible health care for all of its patients.   Established in 1985, Reliant Medical Group’s dedicated Research Department has helped with numerous medical advances and continues to participate in many valuable local and national research initiatives. Reliant also collaborates with academic teaching hospitals to provide more opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials which may offer alternative treatment options.  Find out more about Reliant’s research studies here.

Lawrence Garber, MD
Medical Director for Research
Reliant Medical Group