Video Visits with your Reliant Primary Care Provider or Specialist

Virtual care through video visits is a convenient, safe, and secure way for you to talk with your Reliant provider and care team without having to come into the office.

Video visits are live video, similar to FaceTime or Zoom. Your provider will see you and talk with you, like a regular doctor’s visit.

Like anything new, video visits may cause you some concern or anxiety.  Below is some information you may find helpful in understanding how video visits work and why they can be very effective.

  • Video visits with your primary care provider or specialist are suggested only when your provider feels your symptoms or condition can be safely addressed in a video platform.
  • Critical aspects of a traditional “exam” visit—like a review of current medical problems, medication lists, new symptoms, change in family history or health habits—can be accomplished in a video visit.  The actual physical exam is a small part of the value of these visits, and could be conducted at a later time, if needed.
  • Reliant uses secure video technology that complies with Federal HIPAA security regulations.
  • Video visits can be effective for both adult and pediatric care
  • Through video visits, providers can do much of the same work they can do in the office, including:
    • Observing how a patient looks
    • Asking questions about medications, health history, and changes in health status, concerns
    • Providing medical advice
    • Documenting care in the electronic medical record
    • Scheduling necessary tests and follow-up office visits
    • Prescribing medication
  • Call your insurance company to understand how it covers telemedicine (telephonic and video visits)

Virtual ReadyMED

In addition to video visits with your Reliant PCP and specialist, we also have a dedicated Virtual ReadyMED service. The Virtual ReadyMED team cares for Reliant primary care patients age 4+. They do not replace your PCP, but rather they work alongside your provider to give you access to medical care at times that may be more convenient for you.  Appointments are self-booked by patients in MyChart and are available from 7:00am – 11:00pm seven days a week! Learn more about Virtual ReadyMED here.