Reliant Medical Group Lab Services is committed to providing timely, reliable and informative testing services for patients and their medical providers. We offer a complete variety of clinical laboratory services that use the most modern technology available.

Some tests, such as for cholesterol and triglycerides, require fasting before your blood can be drawn. Your blood will be drawn for testing by a phlebotomist, a health professional specially trained to draw blood. The procedure only takes a few minutes.

Some of the tests our lab performs include:

Cholesterol testing

Measuring cholesterol levels is important as high levels can be an indicator for potential cardiovascular problems.

Triglycerides testing

High triglyceride levels along with a high LDL cholesterol can be an important indicator for heart disease.

Blood glucose tests

This test is used to determine your chance of developing diabetes.

A1C test

The A1C test helps your medical provider determine if your diabetes is under proper control.