Reliant Medical Group otolaryngologists are experts in treating a wide range of head and neck problems including nasal and sinus disorders, Eustachian tube and middle ear problems, allergies, disorders of the larynx, cranial lesions, and other diseases and conditions. We are dedicated to offering our patients a full range of medical and surgical options. Thanks to advances in surgical technology, many conditions can be treated using minimally invasive methods, such as with an endoscope. This allows surgery to be performed with less tissue damage, minimal scarring and a faster recovery for patients.

At Reliant Medical Group we can also diagnose disorders of the vocal cords using Videostroboscopy – a specialized method of observing the vocal cords while speaking or singing. Videostroboscopy offers an advanced method to detect minute abnormalities and provide a highly accurate diagnosis of vocal cord problems.

Patients can also take advantage of our clinically certified audiologists and state-of-the-art testing lab for problems related to hearing loss. Reliant Medical Group also features a Hearing Aid Center where we can carefully evaluate patient hearing needs and then offer the most advanced digital hearing aids available. In addition, Reliant Medical Group speech pathologists work closely with our physicians to evaluate and treat speech, language, and other related disorders.

Whether you are seeking treatment for an allergy, sinus condition or a more serious problem of the head or neck, at Reliant Medical Group you can be confident of receiving the highest quality otolaryngology care in a uniquely supportive environment.

Services Provided:

  • General otolaryngology
  • Treatment for diseases of the nose and sinus
  • Head and neck surgery, including cancer
  • Allergy testing and treatment
  • Ear tubes in children
  • Throat cancer treatment
  • Hearing Aid Center
  • Treatment for neck masses
  • Endoscopic sinus evaluation and surgery
  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Tonsil and adenoid surgery
  • Vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders treatment
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Videostroboscopy evaluation
  • Vocal cord surgery
  • Testing for snoring disorders
  • Treatment for speech and swallowing disorders
  • Salivary gland surgery
  • Treatment for facial and nasal fractures