At Reliant Medical Group we prescribe narcotic medication very carefully. That’s because abuse of prescription narcotics has exploded into a national epidemic. In fact, accidental death from overdose of prescription narcotics now exceeds that of heroin and cocaine combined.

For our patients’ safety, Reliant physicians and advanced practitioners evaluate each patient’s situation and develop a pain management plan that considers all available pain relief options, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, non-narcotic pain medication, or behavioral healthcare.

Patients who are prescribed narcotics must sign a Pain Management Agreement, which explains the responsibilities of both the physician and the patient. In addition, we require periodic random urine drug testing for other drugs (including illegal or unauthorized prescription drugs) that may cause dangerous interactions. This helps to ensure that patients are safe and that we are in compliance with the state’s strict prescribing guidelines

New patients to Reliant who report chronic pain or have been prescribed narcotic pain medication in the past by other doctors will be carefully evaluated by their new Reliant physicians to determine the best course of treatment. Therefore, we ask new patients to understand that previous use of narcotic pain medication does not mean that these medications will automatically be prescribed or renewed by the Reliant prescribers. All Reliant providers follow the same safe narcotic prescribing procedures. Patients felt to be at risk for withdrawal from chronic narcotic use may be counseled to seek care at a drug detox center.

At Reliant, our goal is always to provide patients with the safest and most appropriate care. We ask for our patient’s assistance in ensuring the proper use of narcotic medication.